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We've received a grant from the Siletz Tribe!

Posted by Joe Novello on

The Oregon Boating Foundation was recently awarded a grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund on July 31, 2015,  which will be used to make upgrades to our floathouse located at Port Dock 7 in Newport. We're extremely thankful to the Siletz Tribe for their support, and are looking forward to installing heaters and dressing rooms in the floathouse.

Over the past couple of years the floathouse has not had adequate heat, which has prevented the use of the facility at night and during inclement weather. (It's also prevented a batch or two of epoxy from curing properly during the winter.) But much more important are the dressing rooms, which will provide a more suitable and private space for the Newport High School sailing team (and kids participating in other OBF activities) to change into and out of their wetsuits.

Construction will begin in early October by the "Retired Old Guys" of the Oregon Boating Foundation, who meet each Tuesday at the floathouse throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Again, we are thankful to the Siletz Tribe and our entire community for all of the support that we have received. 

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