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Boathouse Facelift

Posted by Brian Getting on

The "Retired Old Guys" have spent the Winter giving our floathouse at Port Dock 7 in Newport, Oregon a face-lift, thanks primarily to a grant from the Siletz Tribe. Our goal was to make general upgrades including adding heaters and converting an exterior space into changing rooms. We're happy to announce that we were able to achieve those goals and more thanks to our wonderful volunteers, and that the floathouse has never looked so good.


As you can see in the photo above, we were able to make the following improvements over the Winter:

  • We walled in the back exterior patio of the floathouse, which now houses 2 changing rooms, a locker bay and gear storage.
  • We installed 4 infrared heaters so that there is adequate and safe heat.
  • We added 10 wall-mount kayak racks to store our sea kayaks.
  • We set up space for our education programs and equipment maintenance.
  • We rough finished the interior. No more exposed wires, nails, screws or exterior walls!

We still have some little odds and ends to finish up, and there is always more that can be done to help maintain and improve our floathouse. However, since the Newport High School Sailing Team's 2016 season starts tomorrow this is a great start to the New Year!


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