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SeaScouts Sailing Camp

SeaScouts will learn boating safety, knot tying, points of sail and other sailing-related skills while sailing small one-person sailboats. Camp meets from 9pm until 3pm in the afternoon at "The Community Boat House" at the Port of Toledo in Toledo, Oregon. Be sure to bring your own lunch!

As a matter of safety, to be eligible for sailing camp participants must be able to tread water for 2 minutes, swim 50 yards (fully clothed) and put on a personal flotation device (life jacket) while in the water. During the camp participants will need to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket with a whistle attached.

We will provide boats and related safety equipment for use during this camp. If you have any questions about our classes please contact us.

To sign up, select camp dates below and complete the checkout process. You can also download a registration form and mail it in to register. 

(Please note that camps must have at least 3 participants in order to be run. You will be notified no later than Wednesday the week before if there are not enough participants.)

$ 150.00