Youth Kayak Camps

Our youth kayak program is designed for kids ages 10–18 years old. We start with the basics in our Beginner Kayak Camp, go camping in our Intermediate Kayak Camp, and even teach the skills necessary to work as a guide or instructor in our Advanced Kayak Camp.

What's Next?

Assistant Instructor

We welcome our kayak camp alumni ages 14–18 to join us as Assistant Instructors. Assistants help teach our kayak camps while learning leadership and group management skills, while earning a volunteer stipend of $125 per week. If you're interested after completing our kayak camps, get in touch with us.

Kayak Guide/Instructor

Kayakers over the age of 18 are eligible to work for us as kayak guides and instructors. It's a great summer job for young people leading our guided kayak tours on Yaquina Bay and introducing kids to kayaking at our kayak camps. We pay our staff $15 an hour. If you're interested please check out the job description.

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